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    Jiangsu Changjili New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhejiang Tiantie Industrial Co., Ltd. (Tiantie Co., Ltd., stock code: 300587). Ministry of Innovation Fund project, National Torch Plan project implementation enterprise.

    The company is located in the beautiful Taihu Lake—Tao Capital Yixing, covering an area of more than 40,000 square meters. It has high-quality n-butyl lithium, sec-butyl lithium, chloro-n-butane, chloro-sec-butane, and anhydrous chlorination. Production capacity of lithium, lithium carbonate and other products. The company has a complete R&D, production and marketing system team, and has obtained 38 national patents (including 8 invention patents), and the first drafting of the national "Industrial Chlorinated Butane" (HG/T 5381-2018) industry standard In 2020, the company was authorized by the Provincial Department of Science and Technology to establish the Jiangsu Organolithium Catalyst Engineering Technology Research Center, which can provide customers with high-quality high-end products and technical solutions such as safety and environmental protection in the use of lithiation products.

    The n-butyl lithium produced by the company's dispersed lithium sand low-temperature reaction method has the advantages of high product activity, good color, low impurity alkali content, extremely low residual total chlorine, and no white oil residue. The products are widely used in electronic chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates. , Lithium polymer catalysis, new pesticides, special new materials and other fields. The anhydrous lithium chloride produced by the original DTB crystallization technology has the advantages of high product purity, good color, and less impurities. The annual output scale is more than 10,000 tons; The chloro-n-butane produced by the continuous catalyst method is of world-renowned quality, with the advantages of high product purity, low moisture content, and stable product quality.

    The company has successfully developed sec-butyl lithium, methyl lithium, silyl ether alkyl lithium, chloro-sec-butane and other products in compliance with market demand and will realize mass production. The products are well received by new and old customers.

    Today, when new energy products are increasingly widely used in the world, Changjili New Energy will give full play to its own technological advantages, continuously improve product quality and innovation capabilities, and work with new and old customers to create a broad market for organic lithium and new energy.

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